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Why is Salt so Special? ...

The word “salary” is derived from the word “salt",  a good person is "the salt of the earth”,  and a successful person is often referred to being "worth their salt".

More than the white granules we use to enhance the flavor of our food, salt is an essential element in our diet. We need salt to regulate the exchange of water between our cells and their surrounding fluids.  It is a vital part of our ecosystem; humans, animals and many plants must have salt to survive.

This simple molecule launched wars, built monuments like the Great Wall of China and sparked revolutions from India to France.  New York City wouldn't be the city that it is without salt.  Moreover, salt helped determine the road system of America. Without it, civilizations would never have thrived and technology would be stuck in the Stone Age.

A "Salted" resume is also so much more.  This essential element is crucial to your resume, to how you are perceived and to achieving the next step in your career.

--- Excerpts compiled from “Salt: In the Oceans and in Humans” by Prentice K. Stout P955, “Salt: A World History”,
by Mark Kurlansky, "The Superpower of Salt" by H2, and “A Brief History of Salt” by TIME


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