The Un-Salted Resume

Bland. Boring. Anemic. Generic.  It typically lists job titles, duties, and responsibilities, etc. It does not encapsulate your professional value or excite the reader to want to learn more about you. In short, the reader will dismiss your resume in search of one that inspires a closer look.

The Salted Resume

Balanced. Dynamic. Inviting. Satisfying. It is a custom written document illuminating your accomplishments, value and most importantly, it ignites interest! Ultimately, the salted resume leaves the hiring manager eager to learn more about you, and that translates into an interview.

Just a pinch makes all the difference!

  • Elevates the level of your conversation with the recruiter, HR professional and/or hiring manager 
  • Answers the question, "Why are you right for this role and a good fit for my team?"
  • Highlights and defines your background and career trajectory in a memorable way
  • Demonstrates performance-based accomplishments rather than responsibility-based job descriptions
  • Dramatically increases your self-confidence, instills pride in what you've done and have to offer


Because new resumes follow an extensive process of interviewing, conversation, and reflection, your resume may take upwards of a couple of weeks to complete.

Upon completion, you will receive both a .pdf and .docx version of your resume.

Additionally, tweaks and updates are  complimentary for the first year.


Through the interview and resume writing process you and I will:

  • Peel back the layers of your functions and roles
  • Focus and align your accomplishments with your career aspirations
  • Demonstrate your value in a succinct, compelling, qualifiable, and quantifiable way

Your resume is finished when we both agree we have created a document that truly represents your professional value and experience.


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Salted Bonus ...

Throughout the re-write process, you will also receive complimentary guidance and help developing strategies to:   


  • Approach a hiring manager

  • Reverse recruit yourself into a role       

  • Ensure you are connecting to the right people for your search

  • Update your Social Media profile to ensure visibility

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Salted Benefits ...

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